Customer Facing Dashboards and Reports

Quickly and Easily, add Powerful, insightful and real-time BI & forecasting using ML to your platform.

Read into the future with Machine Learning

TrackZero helps your customers see ahead, and stay ahead using Machine Learning Forecasting!

They Build The Report They Need!

No matter what reports they want to see, or what dashboards they want to monitor. Your customers can build their own, easily!

Data is Information & Information is Power

Your customers will enjoy looking at detailed BI reports, this will help them grow on your platform and you grow with them.

Embed into your website and Customize Branding

Easily either redirect your user to TrackZero so they can monitor their dashboards and build reports, or embed Dashboards and Reports directly into your customer secure area. Customize the branding so your users will have a frictionless experience.

Complete Data Separation

Each of your customers will have their own separate data store. This not only ensures data integrity, but also prevents accidental data leaks.

Easy Integration

It takes just a couple of hours to link your platform to TrackZero, and we will guide you through every step of the way!

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Analytics Illustration
Analytics Illustration

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