Installation & Setup

Nuget Package #

In order to add TrackZero .NET SDK to your project, you need to install it from NUGET.
					Install-Package Leira.TrackZero.NetCore

The package is available here.

Setup #

Use dependency injection to setup TrackZero

					services.AddTrackZero("{your api key here}");

Getting instance of TrackZeroClient #

In your class, add TrackZeroClient to the constructor. Then use a field to store the object and use it when needed.

					public class MyClass
    public readonly TrackZeroClient trackZeroClient;

    public MyClass(TrackZeroClient trackZeroClient)
        this.trackZeroClient = trackZeroClient;

SDK Source Code #

The TrackZero SDK for .NET Core is open source. It is available on GitHub here.